In Beyblade Reborn there are 3 different types of Beyblades: attack, defense, and stamina.Edit

Ataque: Causa mais dano, mas você recebe mais dano quando outro atacsgefy87aihd de Beybladehaii

Stamina: Lasts longer passively but can't take a lot of hits from other Beyblades.

Defense: Can take a lot of hits but does not last long, Is the current meta.

Balance: you have mostly attack, little defense, but lots of stamina.

With the release of Beyblade parts also came different stat changes with the different Beyblade parts

5 Star Beyblade parts have 1.25x tmultiplier of the sta

4 Star Beyblade parts have 1.20x multiplier of the stat

3 Star Beyblade parts have 1.15x multiplier of the stat

2 Star Beyblade parts have 1.10x multiplier of the stat

1 Star Beyblade parts have 1.05x multiplier of the stat

0 Star Beyblade parts have 1.00x multiplier of the stat

Counters:attack is good for stamina

defence is good for attack

stamina is good against defence